Theme of Mennonite Summer

When Constable Malcolm Crowley’s best friend’s truck is used as a suicide weapon by a Mennonite man, Malcolm sets out to discover why the man targeted a stranger’s truck.

Though this plot is fictional, along with the characters, it brings together my two cultures–the Mennonites and contemporary North American society. This is my first novel and on this blog I will document the main mile stones of progress–which will probably include regress because that is the way life works. Much of life is one step forward and two steps back, though once in a while we manage five steps forward and one back. Otherwise, obviously, we’d never get anywhere. Right?

At the moment, I’ve got the first draft more or less written and am in the process of polishing it up. Chapter 1 is polished and now I’m working on Chapter 2. I guess real authors know when they start where they’re going–what the story is they want to tell. All I knew was that I wanted to write a story to show my two cultures. Yeah right! Something’s gotta happen. Otherwise, nobody’s going to read it because there’s no story. Not to worry. Malcolm is biting off more than he can eat, getting himself into tight corners and culture clashes–all the while thinking he’s the big guy who knows it all.

I *think* that’s the classical set-up for a suspenseful story. Ideas are welcome. Anecdotes of cross-cultural experiences and clashes are most helpful, especially how a big-city cop might see horse and buggy people.