Cultural Insight

by Sarah Bowman

I’m watching “Old Colony” Mennonite videos in which the Mennonites are being interviewed and it’s in Spanish. I don’t understand the words these men are saying to the reporters but I feel like I’m getting everything else. I can almost tell what they’re talking about just by the feelings they express with shrugs, tone of voice, and body language. I used to think Russian/Mexican, i.e. Old Colony, Mennonites are a different breed from us Swiss Mennonites in North America but I’m no longer sure about that. Culture, apparently, runs seriously deep so that neither centuries of separation nor continents and oceans of distance can erase these basics of human expression when the heart and soul of both peoples is a religious commitment to retain the old ways.



This dance step looks familiar to me, like something that was used when I went to the singings as a young person. We didn’t have this big a dance floor and I would say things were livelier in the space we had but the step looks really familiar.