In the last month or so my writing has rounded a bend in the road. Via word of mouth–if I remember correctly, it was something someone said on Quora–I found Scribophile. That’s a website/forum complex where writers can post their works for critiques and general feedback. It’s exactly what I need at this point to get back into writing. Last winter was so hectic, what with my personal life and the life of a friend who needed help, that I had to let go of anything not directly related to my own survival or that of my dog or friend. This spring when things settled down I was unable to get back into writing until I found Scrib.

It’s at Before you can post your own work, you have to do a lot of critiques of others’ work to earn “points.” One crit earns around 1 point, depending how many words you use. The baseline is 125 words, and anything over earn .001 points a word. Posting one work of two to three thousand words cost five of those points. This ensures that everyone who posts works also does their share of critiquing. There is also a system for evaluating those critiques, though some people still write mainly to gain their word count. Other crits are really good and I’ve learned a lot from both sides of the line.